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TM 9pcs Timing Tool Set For BMW S54(VT01741)


Item No.TM-BMWS54

Camshaft Timing Gauge - For checking camshaft timing when installing VANOS adjustment unit on S54 Motorsport Engines. 
.Camshaft Lead Angle Gauge - For setting camshaft lead angle (1.5 degree) (Control diagram) when installing VANOS adjustment unit on S50B32 Liter and S54 Motorsport Engines. 
.VANOS spacer - Used to set up the VANOS unit
.VANOS spanner wrench
.Adapter with wrench - Used to turn engine at crankshaft when adjusting valve timing.
.Arbor - This tool is used for locking the flywheel in position (TDC mark). 
.Application: M3 (S54) Cabriolet (2000-2006), M3 (S54) Sports Coupe (1999-2006), M3 CSL (S54) Sports Coupe (2003-2004).